This is one of those random posts that I warned you about in my About page. This blog has nothing to do with my aquarium business or my clean-lakes mission!

708px-An_introduction_to_dermatology_(1905)_syphilis_(secondary)This has to do with my dermatologist, whose practice is called Exquisite Dermatology.

I told you I grew up in north Florida. So yes, I have experienced Florida’s intense and sometimes blistering sun every single one of my 35 years.

Thank God for my mom, who was an intelligent and forward looking woman who was also aware of things like skin cancer and the effect of the sun’s rays on childhood skin.

She always had me slather on sunscreen whenever I went out. But you know as well as I do that sunscreen does wear off, and kids are oblivious to that, and sunburns are bound to happen.

So I got plenty of sunburns as I grew up.

When I hit 21, even though I was out of the house and almost finished with college, my mom told me very sternly that I needed to go to a dermatologist and get an appointment for a skin cancer baseline screening.

I actually did that (props to me for paying attention to mom!) up in Jacksonville, where I attended NFU.

But I left Jacksonville, and the dermatologist, and then kind of forgot about it. Except for every time mom visited or I visited her, and she’d peer at me through her trifocals and ask if I was keeping up on regular checkups with my dermatologist.

Finally I moved to central Florida, and when a friend of mine who was younger than me actually died of skin cancer, it lit a fire under my ass to get back to a dermatologist.
florida dermatologist

I picked Exquisite Dermatology because they came recommended by someone.

I’ve been going there now for several years, and I’m really glad I established myself there, because I’ve had issues come up that I’ve been able to get resolved before they became a giant issue.

I think they are the best Orlando dermatologist. I know they serve a lot of the communities in the area, including Oviedo, Deland, Daytona, Maitland, and other cities.

I ended up with a variety of issues, including psoriasis and exzema. I also had hair loss problems, and a needed some tattoo removal work done. They basically were a one-stop-shop when it came to my hair, skin and nails—specifically in the care of them and in taking care of problems areas.

I mentioned that I was exposed to pretty much constant Florida sun as a kid. So I did get the skin cancer baseline screen done, and it came back negative. But I’ve continued to get that screening done annually, and it’s a good thing, because it has revealed several different incidences of the beginnings of skin cancer.

Because I caught them early, it was no big deal to get them frozen off, and that was the end of them. The doc said I need to get those screenings for the rest of my life. That way I can stay on top of potential problems and catch them early.

So anyway, that’s my digression—my dermatologist and why I think everyone in central Florida should go there.

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