free-frog-food-labelI’ve never had a pair of prescription glasses before. Never needed them, even though I was spawned from a family that all wears glasses. I’ve only used reading glasses, and those only just in the last couple of years as I realized the font size on all food packaging was getting smaller and smaller by the day.

It really struck me one day when I was trying to read the directions on a bag of stir-fry vegetables. The print was yellow on an ivory background. (Whaaaat? Was no one thinking?)

And it must’ve been in 2-point font. Maybe a little bigger, but it seemed like 2.

Actually, anything smaller than 9 would’ve looked the same to me whether it was 2-point or 8-point: a tiny line of yellow indecipherable blur.

I looked at those directions and thought: holy crap. I can’t read this. I can’t READ this!

And it was like a lightbulb illuminated the inside of my brain and showed me the next string of thoughts: I can’t read this because my eyes are failing. My eyes are failing because I am aging. I am aging and things are starting to fall apart. Now it’s my eyes. What’s next? Oh nooooooo!

I can tell you, I for sure did not march out the next day and get a pair of prescription glasses. Hell, no.

I ignored the whole reality until the next time I couldn’t read directions on a package of food. Then I dug up a magnifying glass from somewhere in my office and used that.

At some point it dawned on me that there are such things as reading glasses, and they are just for that: reading, when your eyes need that little boost.

So I got some, and they made a big difference. After that I discovered they make different strengths of reading glasses, so I got myself a pair of stronger ones for certain situations: like threading a needle or getting a splinter out.

Then I started doing a job in front of a computer, using the reading glasses a lot, and it started to be a hassle to take them off and put them back on multiple times a day.

That’s when I realized it might be a good idea to go see an optometrist and get a pair of glasses that I could just leave on. Either all day at my computer, or even all day when I was doing other stuff besides working.

free-frog optometryFound an optometrist and that’s when I got my first pair of prescription glasses. They’re progressives, which I guess just means the lens progresses from one strength to another as it goes from top to bottom.

So I have the ability to look through the top part for distance and the bottom part for close-up work and reading. Because the lens progresses downward, there’s a small middle area that I can use for my computer, which is too close to need a reading strength and too far to be considered distance.

So now I have my first pair of prescription glasses and I’m getting used to them. The edges are blurry and sometimes I feel like stuff is swimming around off to the sides. I don’t like that, but apparently you get used to it.

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